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Insure Oklahoma History


In April 2004, Senate Bill 1546 authorized the Oklahoma Health Care Authority to develop a program assisting employees of small businesses, 19 to 64 years of age with either (1) a portion of their private health plan premiums (Employer Sponsored Insurance), or (2) the purchase of a state sponsored health plan operated under the state Medicaid program (Individual Plan).

In November 2004, the Oklahoma Health Care Initiative created the funding mechanism to make a program like this possible. SQ 713, passed by a vote of Oklahomans, increased the sales tax on tobacco products. A portion of these revenues were designated to be used to fund the new health program.


The joint effort of Governor Brad Henry, the State Legislature, OHCA, and other committed organizations resulted in the Oklahoma Employer/Employee Partnership for Insurance Coverage (Insure Oklahoma/O-EPIC) program. Insure Oklahoma is designed and intended to assist in the purchase of health coverage.

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