Employer Qualifications

The business must:

  • Have an Oklahoma location.
  • Have no more than 250 total employees as a for-profit business or no more than 500 total employees as a nonprofit organization, as reported by Oklahoma Employment Securities Commission (OESC).
  • There is no minimum enrollment for Insure Oklahoma.
  • Examples
    • An employer may employ 45 employees and only one employee qualifies for Insure Oklahoma. Insure Oklahoma will subsidize premiums for that one employee.
    • An employer may employ 60 employees and 35 qualify for Insure Oklahoma. Insure Oklahoma will subsidize premiums for those 35 employees.
  • Offer a qualified benefit plan. Only Insure Oklahoma qualified plans will be eligible for the subsidy payments.
  • Provide the Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN). If a business is not required to file an OES-3 then payroll records may be accepted. Please call 888-365-3742 for information on alternative documentation.

Do You Currently Provide Group Insurance?


If you need assistance choosing a qualified benefit plan please speak with an insurance agent who is knowledgable about the Insure Oklahoma program. Using an agent that is knowledgable and willing to assist you and your employees with the Insure Oklahoma process is your best tool for a smooth and timely application process.