What's Next?

How to Get Your Subsidy

After employees enroll, the employer must assign their employees to a qualified benefit plan (QBP) in the Employer Portal.

Each month, the employer must upload the entire monthly invoice to the Employer Portal with the Insure Oklahoma Employer ID number. All pages of the invoice must be received. Insure Oklahoma will subsidize premiums for medical policies only.

Billed rates must match the rates we have in the system. If the correct rates have not been submitted to Insure Oklahoma invoices cannot be paid.

Regardless of Insure Oklahoma subsidy payments, the employer must remit full payment to the insurance carrier. Accounts in arrears with the insurance carrier will not be subsidized by Insure Oklahoma.

Insure Oklahoma will pay the premium subsidy to the employer monthly through electronic deposit.

Maintaining Your Account

The employer is responsible and should use the Employer Portal to keep Insure Oklahoma updated regarding:

  • Staff changes, including new hires and terminations;
  • Employer contact names and telephone numbers;
  • Change of banking information; and,
  • Uploading rate changes.

You can use the Employer Portal to view EENs, assign QBPs to employees, view subsidy statements and breakdowns and make account changes.