What's Next?

What every applicant should know:

After completing application online you will see a status page:
  • Denied -- Pending Eligibility: This means that your qualification is being considered pending receipt of any documentation requested AND receipt of your premium by the date stated on your invoice.
  • Denied: You do not qualify (a reason, such as income, will be listed on the status page).
  • Approved: You have been approved. You may still need to provide documentation.
Please carefully review any alerts on your benefits status page. You may need to upload documentation and/or pay premiums for coverage to begin or continue. You may be asked to upload:
  • Taxes -- all schedules/pages
  • Paystubs
  • W2s, 1099s
  • Letter from the Oklahoma Employment Securities Commission explaining unemployment benefits (monetary determination letter)
  • Ticket-To-Work certificate for working disabled/Social Security documentation
  • College students – FAFSA
  • Proof of U.S. Citizenship & Identity

***Late payments received and cashed do not reinstate the Insure Oklahoma policy absent reapplication and acceptance by Insure Oklahoma. Any funds received for policies which are not subsequently reinstated will be returned and do not constitute an agreement for coverage nor will they be applied to previous periods occurring between cancellation and possible reinstatement. ***


All documentation should be uploaded through your online account or sent to:

Insure Oklahoma Support
P.O. Box 54200
Oklahoma City, OK 73154−1200

***Your application will be terminated and you will have to go through the application process again if requested documents are not received by deadlines stated on the benefits status page of the online application and in letters.***